Anita Radovanovic

Anita reinvents the fashion basics nurtured with her nice encounters. Her eyes and heart continuously wide open to the beauty, luxury and sensuality cultures of the handmade.  Anita loves Nature and the natural.

Its cloth, soft, light, handwoven is rooted in the traditional manufacture of India. Majesty of the fabric, sensual swirling of traditional dances and well-being of women.

Mes Demoiselles… Paris is a truly contemporary Brand, but true to its roots. Silk Road and golden sunshine, Mes Demoiselles… Paris’s unique pieces draw inspiration from the great human adventures as well as the strength of Nature. From this telluric breath, silk and cotton umbrellas, large draped and noble materials pigmented with beige hues are born. A tribute to our skin, to the earth, to spices. To the essentials.

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