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Inspired by the timelessness of the Athenian aesthetic that exudes perennial class and effortless finesse, at A77 Boutique you will find an inspiring collection of handpicked fashion garments and accessories characterised by an elegance so disarming, that it leaves a lasting impression.

A77 Boutique showcases exceptional brands, Greek designers as well as talented international fashion designers, both established and up-and-coming. Through our collection proudly brings you an exclusive range of clothes and accessories of the highest quality for extraordinary women who seek to express their truest self. 

At A77 Boutique, we seek to reveal the best version of you through collections that embody a more sophisticated side of fashion, one that is meaningful and in most cases subtle. Our pieces come with a story. A story of the elegance of today, a story of a timeless aesthetic, with a twist. But more importantly, our pieces will also tell your own personal story. We see our collection pieces as little tokens of luxury; the purposeful luxury of being your most fabulous self. Our aim is to inspire you to develop your own timeless style that will always be on trend. 

Our Mission

We consider ourselves more than just another boutique. A77 Boutique has a vision to be a place where your personal style emerges, making you stand out from the crowd. We believe that true style comes from within, and is a form of expressing one's true self. In this quest of self-expression, finding the right pieces that accentuate your personality traits and owning your individual fashion identity, makes all the difference. 

Our mission is to guide you through all those fashion choices that are perfectly suited to you on two counts: a fantastic fit for your body shape and consummately matched to your personality. We will generously offer our personal styling tips for creating looks that bring out the uniqueness of your character in the chicest way possible. 

Our vision is that you will be inspired by trends to express your most sophisticated self, instead of being influenced by them. Our desire is to see you come into your own, with fashion choices that will empower you, all the while arming you with confidence to take on the world, by sunshine not by storm. 

Our Vision

There is nothing more empowering than feeling absolutely embraced by what you have chosen to wear. And once your character comes through in your style, then everything is possible. The legendary Coco Chanel couldn’t have put it more succinctly; “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”. Weaving this truth together with the passionate spirit of our own, inspirational Melina Mercouri, an advocate of the immense cultural value and timeless aesthetic of the Hellenic ideal, A77 Boutique represents both pillars of ideology, through eclectic items that place you, as a unique entity, at the epicenter where timeless finesse is the overarching fashion trend.

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